I stayed in the darkness with you
18.Dogs.Harry Potter.The Lion King.


How very dare you BOTH.

"You think you’re some savior who has to carry on Dad’s legacy."

"Who else is going to do it?"

"How about all of us?"

"Yeah! We’re Aang’s kids, too!"


Just a quick beat up Tenzin based on today’s episode. Ever since I was a kid, and I saw Empire Strikes Back I’ve always liked seeing heroes lose a fight from time to time. Something up about getting up and facing overwhelming odds even though it’s not certain you’ll win is impressive to me.


"As long as I’m breathing it’s not over"


I have this ability where I jump to the worst conclusion sorry bye


Parallels | Tenzin and Lin refusing to give Korra up to the season’s antagonists.

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please don’t take my sunshine away | Tenzin & Korra

Cause this is my goal in life: to make people even more emotionally scared? Yup. 

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